Let's face it– Planning events can be stressful



Whether someone said they're 5 minutes away 30 minutes ago or half of your guests are suddenly a no-show, sometimes things just don't go as planned. 

Sure, there are large-scale event planning tools such as Eventbrite. But we wanted a more cut-to-the-chase, personal alternative that you can add your own flavour to. What about those wine and cheese nights or family dinners? What about the hardcore dungeons and dragon championships?

We wanted to create an app that connects friends and families to their events stress-free and honestly.


The users in this scenario would be broad in terms of age (19-65+). As the main target audience for this app is geared towards family and friends, the language used in the app should be relatively simple and friendly so that it can be universally understood.  


One of the main activities of the app is that the user (host) can pinpoint their attendees' whereabouts. The app will be using location services to allow user communication offline, meaning no wifi or data is needed when going to the event or leaving it


The activities can happen both indoors and outdoors. It is important to consider that users do not necessarily need to interact with the app all the time, thus the app needs to include the notification system so that users can receive the updates  without performing unnecessary interactions.


The product will use phone numbers in existing contacts to allow quick and easy RSVPing to the event. It will be able to leverage existing location tracking technology to communicate the participants' whereabouts to the host before, during and after the event. 


While we can't solve the problem of people flaking out on events, we can try to make communication in and around event planning simpler. As a team, we narrowed down event planning to 3 user flowsreceived invitations, events attending, and events hosting.



User Scenarios & Insights

Prior to the design aspect of the app, we wanted to break down the initial concerns we had with the features of our app regarding location tracking, ease of event creation, and guest management

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 3.49.13 AM


App Features 

Creating high fidelity wireframes and initial screens allowed us to visualize the overall hierarchy of our app, its features, and outlying constraints concerning accessability.

This step of the design process encouraged us to narrow down the app features and simplify the user experience.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 1.11.46 AM
Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 1.12.41 AM


UI Considerations

A large marjority of the design process was actually spent QA-ing the UI of the app. As we relied heavily on colour as an identifying characteristic of the app, it was important that we kept a consistent identity that aligned with our proposed user experience.

We explored different ways in which information could be presented, (e.g., filled in button vs. not) as well as overall placement of buttons within the dashboard and event page.

Profile Copy 4
Profile Copy 5555


User Integrity

User Profile is an opportunity for us as designers to consider the ethics and user integrity behind location tracking. After the first round of user-testing, we found the preferences for location sharing posed a broad spectrum of results amongst all age groups. 

We ultimately decided to divide the location sharing services as toggles for users to select on/off. To tackle the concern of different preferences between events, the app will prompt the user of any privacy changes an hour prior to an event.

Sign Up (1)
Dashboard (Attending) Copy 2
Calendar List Copy 2 (4) (5)


Users are able to track events they are hosting, attending, and invited to. Each category is defined by a specific colour for easy navigation through the app.

Users are also able to access their calendar– an overview of all events hosting, attending, and invited to in both a list and standard monthly view.

Creating Events

Hosts are able to add unique tags to their events to help inform their guests. All details will be accessible through the dashboard, and any changes made to the event will be added to the alerts tab of the navigation bar (2) (3) (1)

Location & Map

Hosts are able to see the ETA of their guests using location services. They can also choose to contact their guests if necessary. 

Guests are able to view directions to the event, as well as the ETA of other guests who share their location. 


Promotional Video

Part of the final deliverable was to create a 60 second promotional video for our app. We decided to highlight the key points of our app – event creation, organization of events, and the map view. The video was created using both Adobe After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC.